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Take photos for SwitzerlandMobility

SwitzerlandMobility is looking for photo contributors

The information about SwitzerlandMobility routes needs to be enhanced with photo reports showing the surrounding landscape, the paths to expect and the things to discover along the way.

For this purpose, the non-profit organisation SwitzerlandMobility is seeking to work with photo contributors who would like to help photograph these route reports.

We have summarised our ideas in the “FotoPatin und FotoPaten SchweizMobil/ Marraines et parrains photographes de SuisseMobile” manual (available only in German and French). In there you will also find examples of photo reports that our contributors have already produced.

 Parrains_photographes_SuisseMobile (2.37 MB)
 FotoPatenschaft_SchweizMobil (2.31 MB)

Would you be interested in taking part? If so, contact us to find out more.

German-speaking Switzerland:

French and Italian-speaking Switzerland:

These photo contributors are already working for SwitzerlandMobility: Jürg Altwegg, Aldona Andor, Jérôme Arlettaz, Gerhard Assbichler, Erich Baumann, Klaus Baumann, Fabian Béboux, Benjamin Betschart, Emanuel Bühler, Charlotte Burren, Jakob Etter, Delphine Jaggi, Stéphanie Kamber, Fritz Kammermann, Werner Leuenberger, Jean-Claude Lorenz, Jürg Marti, René Michel, Sandra Müller, Harry Naef, Dominika Nowak, Julien Ogi, Phaedra Othman, Nadine Philippi, Scheidegger Werner, Roman Signer, Kirsten Stenzel, Claudine Sydler, Elias Vetter, Matthias Wyss, Daniela Zenger